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Case Study

hub primary logo

Brand Design

Rebranding for Clarity

Web Design Hub Brand Design Case Study



As a web design agency, our previous branding utilized abstract visuals and a vaguely technical name that confused customers. We undertook a rebrand to establish a memorable, relatable identity that communicated our services clearly. Through research and strategic iteration, we developed the Web Design Hub brand, transforming our ability to resonate with clients.



Our existing branding failed to connect with customers and convey our expertise. We wanted to create a modern, friendly brand that established us as approachable experts in web design services and solutions.



Competitor research and client interviews revealed the need for clarity regarding our offerings plus accessible, contemporary branding. We brainstormed names that signaled our core web design focus, choosing “Web Design Hub” to convey a trustworthy resource.

hub brand name


Design Process

We explored minimalist, geometric logo approaches representing our specialty. We landed on using a closing code tag, as it signified completing website projects.

hub logo icon concept

Logo Process

Iterating on the tag’s shape, we transformed it into a custom “W” mark, nodding to “Web” in our name. We added a rounded circular backdrop, contrasting the sleek mark and soft shape to represent the fusion of technology and human-centered design in our services.

hub logo final design

Final Design

The tapered “W” icon formed a visual shorthand for “web design” and adding a word mark hub completed “Web Design Hub” in the logo lockup.

hub final logo design

Font Style

We chose the friendly, rounded DM Sans font to complement the mark’s curves. Vibrant orange and purple reflected our creative spirit after testing color palettes.

Screenshot 2023 07 23 at 23 39 32 Browse Fonts Google Fonts

Brand Color

Vibrant orange and purple perfectly captured the creative and innovative energy we wanted to convey. After testing many color combinations, the warmth and energy of this palette helped our brand stand out.

hub color pallette

This strategic interplay of visual elements produced a logo that was engaging yet easily understood, underscoring our blend of technological expertise and design principles.



The enthusiastic customer response proved our rebranding successful. The name immediately communicated our web design specialty. Clients connected with the modern, lively aesthetic.

By aligning our brand image with our web design identity, we attracted more qualified leads. Current clients appreciated the refreshed branding that better captured our collaborative nature.


What We Learned

This project underscored the importance of clear, resonant branding. By dedicating time to research, rethink and refine, we developed an iconic visual identity ready to represent our expertise and exemplify our commitment to clients. Our branding now matches our passion for web design.